Los Gatos DMV, DUI Consequences

DMV Drunk Driving Administrative Per Se Hearing

Following a drunk driving arrest in Los Gatos,  a pink notice of suspension and a temporary driver’s license are issued to the arrestee when they are released from custody. You must follow up by contacting the Los Gatos DMV within 10 days to attend a hearing regarding driving privileges. Your chances of keeping driving privileges are significantly higher if you are represented by a DUI attorney who is skilled in administering the Los Gatos DMV Hearing process.

It  is the responsibility of the DMV hearing officer to prove that your driver’s license suspension is justified. If you do not have an attorney to defend your right to drive at the DMV hearing, you will not be assigned a Public Defender or advocate for the DMV Hearing as you would in criminal court.

The Purpose of Los Gatos DMV Hearings for DUI

The ultimate goal of your DUI attorney is to keep your drivers license and avoid suspenion.  If this cannot be achieved, a skilled Los Gatos DUI attorney may be able to greatly reduce the charges against you.

Los Gatos DMV Hearing Request Benefits

The sooner you have your DMV DUI hearing, the sooner your life can return to normalcy.  If you do not have a hearing, your suspension continues past the initial 30-day suspension period.  Therefore, it is to your benefit to request a hearing. If you have been arrested and charged with drunk driving, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by exercising your right to the DMV Hearing, especially when you have a Los Gatos DUI Specialized attorney acting on your behalf.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, driving under the influence, DUI or DWI in Los Gatos, Campbell, San Jose, Cupertino, or Santa Clara, your case will benefit greatly with the experienced legal advice and assistance of a specialized Los Gatos drunk driving lawyer or Los Gatos DUI attorney. Call the experienced DUI attorneys of Anchor Law Group at (408) 500-5280 to begin protecting your rights TODAY….